Monday, August 08, 2016

Google Chrome & SSD 'waiting for Cache' system lockups

I have for a very long time suffered on my home PC with this extremely frustrating problem in Google Chrome.

Every so often my frustrations would get the bitter of me and I'd try to resolve the problem, I failed each time. Gave up, waited a few months and then tried again.

The common factor seemed to be those of us with SSDs.

First I had cloned my old OS drive to the new SSD, so there was that to consider. But a clear install of Windows 10 didn't solve it.

I removed all the plugins, failed.

I switched to x64 installation of the Chrome. No Luck.

Checked trim settings. Nope.

Then last week I applied the Windows 10 anniversary update. This then started with a similar ~30 system lockup soon after boot time.

A look through the system and application logs should access to webache log file that was timing out and complaining of a hardware fault as the cause.

A few Googles trying to find a solution and I stumbled upon the Eureka moment.

My system, the Motherboard, to be more precise still had my SATA connections set to IDE mode!

Of course you can't just change to AHCI as Windows will fail to boot. Thankfully there is a simple fix for that here.

Since this change, I've not had the Windows 10 problem and re-appear and Chrome has in 3 days so far not locked up with 'waiting for cache' issue!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SCCM 2012 R2 PXE boot HP Zbook 15u G3 - reboot fix

Standard boot of PXE (x64 image) was failing. After initially connecting, I got a brief "Preparing Network Connections" before it rebooted.

The driver pack for this Laptop does not contain the required drivers for PXE!
It's the one listed here
Useful to download and inject the drivers into your build image, but useless for the PXE boot requirement.

1. Download and unpack the latest drivers direct from Intel. I used this link fir the I219-LM driver.

Extract the drivers and import into SCCM via the usual method.

Select all the NDIS64 drivers and import to your Boot x64 boot image.

Update distribution point if you didn't tick the option when running the import driver wizard.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Android Device (6P) migration of Data and Apps from a Nexus 5, a horror story

So the battery life on my Nexus 5 was getting shitty, then my wife dropped hers and smashed the screen. So we a decent excuse for new phones, I ordered myself a 6P and a nice 5X for the troubleandstrife.

New phone arrived, yay!

Right, let's see how I get all my apps and settings moved across?
  1. login to new device with google ID... All the google apps install and start syncing no problem.
  2. What about my other apps? Nothing... What about those App settings...? No idea. search search search
  3. There's an App for that. 'Carbon' from Clockwork mod. Download, installs, all ready - doesn't work. Something about desktop backup password needing to be blank, it was - still wouldn't play ball. Boo!
  4. other apps? found none
  5. Google's 'setup nearby device' option. the 2 devices just simply won't see each other
  • NFC nope, makes a nice sound but nothing happens after pressing the Beam option
  • Bluetooth, switch on, phones see each other in Bluetooth, but not in this service/option/app
  • WIFI - both are connected to the same SSID/LAN... nothing happens
  • Quiet simply the 2 devices seem unable to talk to each other at all in any meaningful way at all!
What a monumentally frustrating and fruitless waste of 4+ hours of my life.

After giving up, having a coffee, some deep breathing... I decided to factory reset the 6P.

second time around (maybe since I'd performed an OS upgrade) I got the option to transfer from another device...

this time the 2 devices found each is seconds, entered my Google password when prompted and the restoration to the new device has begun! Yay!?

So far it looks like, wallpaper, apps, app setup are all restoring rather nicely...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Microsoft's new rough-shod pushing of their 'services' whether you want it or like it

First we have IE 11 being pushed to corporate customers whether they are ready for it or not.

Now we have Windows 10 doing the same.

For no reason at all after the latest update my home Windows 10 install has forgotten the Google Chrome is my default browser OF CHOICE.

What a great way to both annoy your home user base and your corporate customers all in the same week.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cisco Meraki do it again

For the second time since we've installed Cisco Meraki kit we've suffered a major systems outage caused by idiotic and uncontrolled changes from Cisco.

This morning we find 4 of SSID have been randomly disabled.

According to Cisco support is this a know issue affecting 'everyone'.

The solution? Disable and then re-enable the SSID. Nope that didn't work.

As it turns out it's affecting SSIDs that have schedules enabled.

As before it appears another change has screwed up the time zones and despite our time zone being set correctly and showing the correct time the SSIDs still think they should be off.

So to properly 'fix' this issue, we have to disable this 'feature' as it clearly causes more problems that it solves.

Cloud controlled systems are a nightmare.

Change control no longer exists.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kodak Support: How it should be done

A totally positive support experience from Kodak, on a Sunday! All I can say is bravo and I am very impressed in these dark time of poor customer service this sort of experience is not only too infrequent but compels me to tell you why.

My cheap Kodak Hero 5.1 required a Black Ink replacement. After install the new one this afternoon the printer kept coming back with an error stating error 5313 : "Printhead loose, missing or not installed correctly".

After removing and replacing he relevant bits a few time and power it it off and on again it was time to consult Google.

The first result took my to the relevant Kodak Support Page.

At the Bottom it states... If the error Continues - Contact Us.

This gave me the option to do an online support session with someone. I wasn't too hopeful at this point, 17:00 on a Sunday evening. But after a brief wait, under a minute, I was talking to a support rep. Turns out I was connected to US/Canada Support but they quick transferred me to a UK rep.

Purchase date/time was asked for but this not to hand, but after providing a Serial number for the device we were on our way. We did the obvious and ran through the procedure of removing/replacing and then power the printer off/on again.

I have to admit, at this point I was prepared for bad news, then this was the response I got.

It's determined that a printhead replacement will fix the issue. Now the normal printhead costs £16.99. However as you are a valuable customer to Kodak, as a goodwill gesture we will provide you with the print head absolutely free of charge. 
 Amazing! No hoops to jump through at all. Right there I provided my delivery details and within minutes I had email confirmation that the replacement part would be with me in 3-7 days.

Well done Kodak.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I miss the unpopular Google+

I like Google, as a result I adopt early. I was on Google+ as soon as humanely possible. Immediately I loved it.

It's been great, like minded people, great photography and great content from smart people.

Over the last year there have been the period pieces showing us that Google+ is failing to reach the wider intended audience. For Google as a product I accept this is not idea, but for a Google+ user it's been near perfect but that is changing.

Slowly but surely the dregs of internet are joining up. At first it was the annoyance of people posting pictures that were off topic in shameless attempts at self promotion or just plain ignorance of etiquette.

But now comes the real threat, the assholes. The best way to describe these new Google+ users is to liken then to comments section of Youtube.

Spamming pointless comments, SHOUTING! nonsense, off topic comments and just today... Publishing of private email correspondence in public forums and worst of all, the racists and bigots.

For so long there's been no need to police my Google+ feed. Now it seems that it's becoming an increasing necessity and a daily chore to report and block the idiots.