Monday, May 23, 2016

New Android Device (6P) migration of Data and Apps from a Nexus 5, a horror story

So the battery life on my Nexus 5 was getting shitty, then my wife dropped hers and smashed the screen. So we a decent excuse for new phones, I ordered myself a 6P and a nice 5X for the troubleandstrife.

New phone arrived, yay!

Right, let's see how I get all my apps and settings moved across?
  1. login to new device with google ID... All the google apps install and start syncing no problem.
  2. What about my other apps? Nothing... What about those App settings...? No idea. search search search
  3. There's an App for that. 'Carbon' from Clockwork mod. Download, installs, all ready - doesn't work. Something about desktop backup password needing to be blank, it was - still wouldn't play ball. Boo!
  4. other apps? found none
  5. Google's 'setup nearby device' option. the 2 devices just simply won't see each other
  • NFC nope, makes a nice sound but nothing happens after pressing the Beam option
  • Bluetooth, switch on, phones see each other in Bluetooth, but not in this service/option/app
  • WIFI - both are connected to the same SSID/LAN... nothing happens
  • Quiet simply the 2 devices seem unable to talk to each other at all in any meaningful way at all!
What a monumentally frustrating and fruitless waste of 4+ hours of my life.

After giving up, having a coffee, some deep breathing... I decided to factory reset the 6P.

second time around (maybe since I'd performed an OS upgrade) I got the option to transfer from another device...

this time the 2 devices found each is seconds, entered my Google password when prompted and the restoration to the new device has begun! Yay!?

So far it looks like, wallpaper, apps, app setup are all restoring rather nicely...

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