Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kodak Support: How it should be done

A totally positive support experience from Kodak, on a Sunday! All I can say is bravo and I am very impressed in these dark time of poor customer service this sort of experience is not only too infrequent but compels me to tell you why.

My cheap Kodak Hero 5.1 required a Black Ink replacement. After install the new one this afternoon the printer kept coming back with an error stating error 5313 : "Printhead loose, missing or not installed correctly".

After removing and replacing he relevant bits a few time and power it it off and on again it was time to consult Google.

The first result took my to the relevant Kodak Support Page.

At the Bottom it states... If the error Continues - Contact Us.

This gave me the option to do an online support session with someone. I wasn't too hopeful at this point, 17:00 on a Sunday evening. But after a brief wait, under a minute, I was talking to a support rep. Turns out I was connected to US/Canada Support but they quick transferred me to a UK rep.

Purchase date/time was asked for but this not to hand, but after providing a Serial number for the device we were on our way. We did the obvious and ran through the procedure of removing/replacing and then power the printer off/on again.

I have to admit, at this point I was prepared for bad news, then this was the response I got.

It's determined that a printhead replacement will fix the issue. Now the normal printhead costs £16.99. However as you are a valuable customer to Kodak, as a goodwill gesture we will provide you with the print head absolutely free of charge. 
 Amazing! No hoops to jump through at all. Right there I provided my delivery details and within minutes I had email confirmation that the replacement part would be with me in 3-7 days.

Well done Kodak.

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