Friday, August 30, 2013

Virgin Media Execs are Crazy - 2nd Price hike in 6 months after 6 weeks of outages!

Dear Mark Davidson - Executive Director, Customer Care, Virgin Media UK.

What the hell!? In February you email to say your price is going up by £1.75.

However this is only for existing customers, new customers, 6 months later still get the advertised rate of £27.50 for the same service. Not the £29.25 your ripping from existing loyal customers.

Now 6 months later you are again putting your price up by a further £2.50?

But if I sign up now for a further 12 months you'll put me back to the £27.50 price until the 1st of October when it will bump up to £30.

But I can sign up for 120MB for only £35...(well it says another £7.50 so with these guys that could mean anything)! Why would I want to pay £31.75 for only 60Mb? What idiot is going to pay 90% of the price for 50% of the service? Economies of scale gone mad.

Well the good news in there is BT fibre in my area, if I go with Sky and bundle it with my existing TV package I get the same service for practically nothing.


However, I've just spoken to an agent there and I can upgrade for £35 to the 120Mb service, miss the price hike and have the price fixed for 12 months and get a new Super Hub II for free!?

Are these people crazy?

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