Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google+ > Facebook

I woke up this morning and as I usually do, I fire up my PC and spend 30-40 minutes online before jumping in the shower and getting ready for work.

While I was in the shower I made the following observations.
  •  I spent less than 10 minutes on Facebook and almost all of the rest on Google+. With a couple of minutes checking new email. I didn't bother with RSS reader.
  •  Google+ is much like an RSS feed. The people I follow have the same interests as me, they comment on and post links to the latest news and it's relevant to me.
  • Google+ inspires. I see great photos and get the odd inspirational quote which I want to pass on and share. I feel motivated and uplifted. I'm ready to take on the day. I want to take more photos. I want to write and share with like minded people.
Now compare that to Facebook where my friends and family, in the last 24 hours, have mostly...
  • complained about... the weather.
  • the kids are sick
  • someone's having a bad day
  • someone's bike was stolen and got returned, yay!
  • It's someone's birthday. Do I post a message, did he/she post a message on my birthday? :p
  • Someone got their drivers license
  • Some very ordinary photo's of kids, a wedding and renovations
Thankfully none of them seem to be on the new Facebook so no posts about their listening habits just yet.

My overall observation was that Google+ is very positive and inspirational while Facebook has a more negative feel about it and is certainly just a bit mundane.

I understand that this is my own, possibly unique view and may be a symptom of the friends and my particular situation. I am after all  a 'chicken runner' who left South Africa 14 years ago. Some of my friends are still there, most like me, are scattered to all corners of the globe and Facebook is a particularly useful tool that helps us to stay in touch.

I'm guilty of much the same antics when posting to Facebook. I too post mundane and boring stuff and vent when things go wrong. It's good to share and get things off your chest and hope for some rallying support from people half way across the globe to tell you everything is all right and we're all in it together.

Google+ is about my interests and sharing them with like minded people. It's about learning and being inspired. I've not met 99% of the people I follow or are following me.

Facebook is about keeping in touch with family and friends. I have personal relationships with everyone on Facebook.

...and that's why, for me at least, Google+ and Facebook are two different social mediums. Neither has to be declared the winner, they are not mutually exclusive and for me provide two different social services (sic).

If I was forced to show my hand right now, I choose Google+.

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