Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Windows MDT 2010 and windows 7 deployment

6 hours today totally wasted thanks to this 'awesome' software.

I'd read 3 or 4 peoples setup on MDT with the walk-throughs, watches the videos on youtube and thought, yay, that seems simple enough.

How wrong I was.

My first installation of MDT refused to authenticate me via the Win PE disk, so I rebuild the server from scratch.

I got 3 HP Probook 4720s to deploy so thought, no better than that using MDT to image the 1st one and deploy the other 2 with that image.

So I spent 4+ hours getting that machine up to scratch, no problem there. all the applications I wanted installed.

boot win PE and I get errors there's not disk space.

login to PC and run lightouch.vbs instead. that goes pretty well and dumps a 5 GB wim file to the capture folder in the share before stopping with an error that I no longer had permission to write to the share.

No problem I thought, I try it again.

reboot the laptop. post sysprep, it now tries to re-install the drivers, fails and won't boot at all with a shitty error and won't boot in safe mode either.

Boot from windows 7 CD and repair failed saying it can't fix it. Totally FUBAR!

so now I've lost my image PC too.

I bet you the bloody licensing also considers that machines Office license key as used.

FUCK YOU Microsoft, you just wasted my entire day. I could have built all 3 machines from scratch in the time you super dooper MDT server managed to fuck me over.

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