Wednesday, February 03, 2010

BBC iPlayer quirks and annoyances on the Wii

I love the BBC iPlayer. I think it's bloody fantastic but I have a few gripes of late about the way it's implemented on the Wii.

About 2 weeks ago we missed the second episode of this Season's Heros. No problem, I saw it listed on the iPlayer on my PC - We'll watch it on the iPlayer on the Wii I thought.

How wrong. Heros does not form part of the listing on the Wii Version of the iPlayer. I guess there are some issues with the distribution deal they did with the American rights owners.

This weekend I wanted to watch the 2nd episode of the brilliant Physics series on my TV, seeing as they've resorted to broadcasting it on BBC4 at or around midnight. It's a lot more conformable watching it on the couch at a reasonable hour, rather than spending an hour sitting in front of the computer in an uncomfortable chair.

Switch on Wii, launched iPlayer. Find program, press Play. Stutter, Stutter, Stutter it stopped completely 4 times within the 1st 90 seconds of the show starting.

I restarted the Wii, check for console updates (none needed) and proceeded to try again. Same problem... maybe it's the BBC stream or my network? So I sat down at the PC and tried from there. Worked bloody perfectly, over the same wifi connection, via the same broadband connection to the same BBC servers.

BBC iPlayer on Wii = Fail!

Not 2 days after all these frustrations I get a spam promotional e-mail from Nintendo trying to tell me how great BBC iPlayer is on the Wii. I beg to differ.

Compare that to the brilliant implementation of the Sky Player on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo have a lot to learn.

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