Friday, July 03, 2009

Samsung have missed a trick with the Jet

Samsung recently launched the Samsung Jet S8000 handset. It is a bloody amazing phone. I've really been in 2 minds for the past month about getting this as my new phone or going for the HTC Magic, which lacks rather a few nice features the Jet does have (hi res screen, FM radio, standard headphone jack)

Why have the missed a trick? They have gone for their own proprietary OS and web browser, which in itself is not a bad OS. But where they lose is not the operating system itself but the tons of applications that are available and will be available for Android as additional downloads. It's what makes the iphone and Andriod phones great. People want choice and options, not limitations, especially silly software limitations.

I really really want the Jet, I would get uit without a doubt if it ran Android. Hell I would even get it if there was a chance I could install Android on it myself (I've seen the odd blog of people managing to install Android on other Samsung handsets). But seeing as this one is still so new to market I don't think anyone's been able to do it, it won't be me - I'd have tech knowledge for it.

Great phone, has all the features I want just not the apps. What a shame.

Come on Samsung - Android for the Jet, you know we want it!


Vivi said...

I too wish it had android running. Have u been able to find if sm1 managed to set android on the phone? I wan this phone so bad!!

Stompie said...

Aaawwhh come on samsung, must we create a list of people who want Android on the Jet then you'll see that theres thousands!!! Please