Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Requesting PAC codes from O2 via the carphonewarehouse

My existing contract with O2/carephonewarehouse expires in a month's time. About 6 weeks ago I started getting reminders via text, snail mail and cold call to convince me to get my free upgrades so they could continue milking me for a wad of cash every month.

Fair enough. I started looking around and decided my best bet was to move to Vodafone. That way I get the handset I want (Samsung Jet or HTC Magic Android) and my wife gets her Nokia 5800 and we pay £15 per month less than we currently pay.

I go see a guy in the Vodafone shop and I make sure that there are no tricks or pitfalls in moving. All is good, all I need to do is get the PAC codes from my existing supplier. Sounds easy don't it?

So I go to the CPW shop one floor down - "Sorry we can't give out PAC codes in store". Fine, I get home and give Customer services a call (see more details of this procedure later on).

ME:"Hi, can I have my PAC codes please?"
A: "Sorry, you need to phone back next week when your contract is within 1 month of expiring"

Annoying, but no particular rush. So I wait an extra week, look at few more Jet reviews and finally today on the day they said I could, call them up to request my PAC code.

I call the customer services number off the CPW website. Menu Options...
#3, had to also punch in my mobile number on one these options too
#1, then asked for a pin code I have no idea what it is and finally a human being.

Luckily there's no wait and after answering a few security questions I request the PAC codes.
Oh but wait,
"we can do this, that and the next thing, to get you to stay with us"
"Sorry, no. I'm going cheaper and getting the handsets I want."
"what phone you want?" so I say google phone. I say I would like a iphone 3GS but I'm not paying £73 pm. "I can do you a 3G for £35" - no thanks not interested in overpaying for a phone lacking in features. So...

To get your PAC code you need to write to this address...
ME: "Really, why didn't the guy last week tell me that?"
A: "We are not allowed to give out the address too soon"

Not only do I have to write to them to give notice of the disconnection but I have to provide 2 reference numbers (1 for each number being disconnected) which he reads to me.

Ok, all done.
ME: "When will I get the PAC code?"
A: "Within 48 hours of the letter being processed."
ME: "How will i get it?"
A: "It will be texted to you."

So let me get this right...

I have to phone them, firstly to get codes which I must put in a letter I must write to them, to tell them I don't want to renew my contract when it expires next month and to get a code texted to me so I can move to another provider. Sounds reasonable!?

Why the hell are they dragging this out. they are going to get their last month's line rental for the entire month anyway.

I'm sending the letter now, twice. Registered mail and 1st Class.

I'll post again when I get the response to see how long the process takes after they've received the Letter.

As you may well know from previous posts I have little love for CPW and their customer service after their broadband fiasco.

I love how I can upgrade and get hooked up to a new contract 2 months before my contact expires, but need to jump through 9 hoops to get out of a contract no sooner than 30 days of it expiring.

Charles D, you fail again at customer service and customer retention.

Wish me luck!

Well Not Bad, Today I received my PAC code txt as promised just 2 days after sending the registered letter. Thanks CPW it's been fun.

HTC Magic and Google Android here I come.... or maybe still the Samsung Jet?

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Insane Homer said...

Quick update. Sent the letter is yesterday post. 1st Class Registered.