Friday, May 29, 2009

Trimble AllSport GPS for Blackberry bold

A few days ago I did another google for GPS Blackberry apps to track my running progress. I managed to stumble across the Trimble Outdoors website and found a trial version of a piece of software they offer called AllSport GPS. So I downloaded it to my device and waited to go for the a run later that evening.

The interface is neat, clean and simple to use. The 1st screen has a number of options for the type of activity required. Similar to the screenshot below

The Next screen looks something like this

The useful little GPS indicator tells you when it's locked in and ready to go.

The unit seemed to be rather accurate with both pace and distance and after adding my weight in the advanced options it even told me how many calories I was burning.

Afterwards I uploaded the run to the free web account that I'd registered with them I was able to login and view the fruits of my laboured run. I was then able to make the the trip public, which allows for the embedded content below to be published as per below.

Overall pretty impressive. I've managed to find a similar application for the HTC Magic Android. So will be able to compare features in a few weeks time.

Overall very impressed with the offering. Only one thing bugs me a bit... I have no idea when the trial of the software expires. I've had no reminders. I hope they don't just start charging it my mobile bill!

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