Monday, April 27, 2009

Tweetdeck (via Adobe Air) and Ubuntu x64 (Jaunty) Fix

After my X64 Jaunty install I was having trouble with launching of Tweetdeck via Adobe Air. It would install ok without any errors but then when Launching it would open as a black page and not ask for my Twitter account details. Luckily I stumble across the solution on posted via the Ubuntu Forums and it worked. Yay!


Note: for some reason, and I'm not 100% the broblem is related, but I was unable to open any BBC Flash content Movies (live feeds or BBC iPlayer) after doing the above bits. Any attempt to do so would result in Firefox closing unexpectedly. However the problem rectified itself after a reboot of Jaunty.

"Oh Noes!", you you say? Yes, me too. Are we really going down the Windows 'reboot' solution for everything? I hope not. :p

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