Wednesday, January 21, 2009 on Blackberry Bold

I've been using bbtracker to track my running progress. I'm currently running twice and week and it's nice since it can with a little bit of effort on my part break down my 1km split times and show me my track on google earth with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

However, bbtracker has not been updated in a while so I did a little googling to see if there was anything better out there.

I found So I installed it. I tested it on the car run to work and it was ok, but seemed to straight line some corners at times, then at other times track the road perfectly. But I was more interesting in the running aspect so embarked on a run last night.

All seemed to be going well, it tracked that I'd run 3.4 km in 21 min 45 secs (no comments on the pace please) and I'd managed to add way points at each km interval to see how those looked when downloaded.

Unfortunately that's where it all went horribly wrong. After I stopped the track all the summary info went fubar. It told me I had 43 points count, had 3 way points but then the distance was .1 km not 3.4 km. My max speed recorded as 123 km/h??? and my avg speed as zero.

Not good, so I decided to try and upload it and analyse it on-line instead. That failed for over an hour while the website was completely unacceptable.

So I decided to e-mail the track to myself and try upload it manually. The problem was the saved track (.gped file) was only 1 kb in size. practically empty.

Eventually, the website was accessible again and I tried to upload the file from the device. It gave every indication that it was uploading but after 5/6 attempts there's nothing showing under my tracks on the site. I even tried a manual upload from the e-mailed .gpsed file via the web upload interface and that failed too.

So overall a very disappointing experience. The software seems to have looked at my start and end point and average everything out between those 2 points, but how on earth did it calc a max speed of 123km/h?

I will give it one more go later this week with the GPS filtering setting switched off as this may be the culprit.

Which brings me to the final points about this software and website. The software looks good, the real-time data is clean and accurate and easy to read but there's no explanation of the settings and they are not intuitive. The website itself is confusing and it took me ages to find out where I'm supposed to see my uploaded tracks on the interface. You'd think it would be a clearly marked tab saying 'My tracks'.

Overall 2/10

bbtracker may not be flash and shiny but at least it gets me the info I need without hassle or confusion.


luke said...

I've had the same problem with GPSed, it tells me its uploaded my tracks, but they don't appear on the site. I upload manually via the site by pulling the files off the blackberry and it tells me the file is broken.
whole system is broken if you ask me, because like you say, the client is very very nice. real shame. curious to hear if you ever resolved it.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was going mad (or doing something wrong) until I found this blog. Ive got a BB curve and am experiencing exactly the same problems. I can track my root, but when i try to upload it to it says it has done it successfully - but then it is not there! Ive spent several hours fiddling around with this and still no joy.

Maybe I will try it in several months when the software is a little more stable.

Anonymous said...

Same problem here, with my Blackberry Bold 9000.
Found a workaround: I used bbtracker to track my trips and then exported its gpx files on GPSed website.
Seems to work, but it's not very confortable.

Anonymous said...

Same here.
For more than a year i used the GPSED (previous vesions and the current on my BB Curve - and got great results. Track were loaded automaticaly (during my bike's rides) and data was ~95% accurated , etc...
Around Dec. 2008 i upgraded my phone to BB Bold and since than, the automatic upload doesn't work. Manual upload work 25% of the time (at the end of the ride and after few attampts ...and upload as a file directly to their site - present an error - "file broken". Pitty, i realy liked this SW :( . YGal