Sunday, December 07, 2008 on Demand - EPIC FAIL

I've tried a few of these services now and happily have 4 on Demand, Sky on Demand and the BBC iplayer at my disposal.

Usually I don't watch the drivel on Channel 5 but there's the Unbreakable series which I missed and I wanted to see the last episode with them in South Africa with the wrekkies.

Simple enough, I go to and register, it lets me straight in after registration and they send me an e-mail to confirm my registration.

Hello xxxxx,

Thanks for registering with Demand Five.

Now you're registered you can start watching, reviewing and rating all your favourite five programmes, including Grey's Anatomy, CSI, House, Neighbours, Home & Away and Fifth Gear as well as lots of other drama, documentary and entertainment shows, with more programmes being added all the time.

your username is:

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We hope you enjoy watching and downloading with Demand Five.

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best wishes,

the Demand Five team

I find the program I want to watch but to view it Firefox

"Please install the Windows Media Plugin to watch this programme"

... odd I thought I already had it installed. So I download it and run the set-up (requires Firefox to be closed).

The installer says, as I suspected, that the plug-in is already installed. I choose the repair option to be sure.

I open Firefox and browse to and click on sign in button... but it tells me

"Sorry, we don't have a record of those details, please try again"
Now that's odd, you sent me the e-mail remember? So after a few failed attempts I reckon I typed my password incorrectly twice while registering..... rrrrrriiiigghhht!

Um, No. I click on the forgotten my password option and enter my e-mail address to be greeted with the following message.

"User unknown"


Ah but there are 2 sections, I obviously registered for the on demand service not the whole site! Stupid me. Tragedy averted. I shall sally forth and watch my program of choice...

I search for Unbreakable, I find Unbreakable listed. I see Episode 8 - the one I want, great! I take it all back, I was an idiot.

I click. I get some garbled message saying it can't find content blha blha blha


How about Episode 7? Success... The page opens...

"Please install the Windows Media Plugin to watch this programme"

Hang on! This seems familiar? I give up.

Once can be overlooked, 2nd time gets annoying but the 3rd time is the nail in the coffin. on demand = EPIC FAIL!

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Anonymous said...

I found that if you install no script flash block you can watch demand five in firefox but only if you forbid the site