Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 server

Well I've started to use 8.04 server at work to try out a few open source tools that may be useful for work.

I took an unused desktop with the 32-bit 8.04 CD and had fully functioning, completely up-to-date Ubuntu server installed in less that 20 minutes.

Truly stunning.

So far I'm running TWiki and Zenoss for our IT department and I already can't live without these 2 great applications.

Zenoss is far slicker and much easier to setup, install and upgrade.

TWiki is a very useful too, however I've found their documentation to be lacking and at times very confusing - especially when it comes to Ubuntu/Linux installation & setup. Worst is the upgrade.

I made the mistake of trying TWiki from the Ubuntu repository. Unfortunately it was well out of date and full of bugs. The problem was that I'd already poulated it with quiet a bit of useful data. TWiki don't offer an 'upgrade' path or package. Their method of install a new copy and copy over your old data is confusing and time consuming and definately needs to be revised.

However, the upgrade to the new version is well worth it. We are now using it to document our entire network, do change control and write HOWTO and document fixes. What a great resource.

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mray said...

Glad to hear you're having a good experience with Zenoss on Ubuntu 8.04. I'm hoping to work on a distro-aware .deb for Zenoss soon, I might be back looking for beta-testers at some point :)

Matt Ray
Zenoss Community Manager