Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Firefox 3.0 : Foxmarks now with password sync

Foxmarks has finally picked up where google sync died - password synchronisation.

It's secure, encrypted and so far safe and hassle free. If your not happy with Foxmarks storing your data you have the option to store it elsewhere - if you have the web space and know how to set it up and keep it safe.

I have 3 machines and 5 Firefox installs across windows and Linux installs on each one. Keeping all my site passwords and bookmarks sync'd up is a pleasure. No more having to trying and remember 100's of passwords permunations for all my logins. Do it once, let firefox remember the password and sync foxmarks and it's done.

Some very good speed improvements and ironing out the bugs have madee this one of my favourite plugins. I highly recommend it.

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Stephen Andert said...

I finally set it up and it seemed to work, but then things seem to have messed up. I think it was because I was automatically clearing my local passwords. I disabled the password clearing but now Foxmarks is not working. It does not bring up the popup that asks me if I want to save this password like it did at first.
I've disabled and reenabled foxmarks with no success. Have you seen anything like this? Any ideas?