Friday, April 18, 2008

Rant: Hypocrisy of work 'collegue'

A really annoying user from work was deemed important enough to be worthy of a Blackberry.

So I order it and inform him to come down so we can do the handover.

He moans and moans and moans about how intrusive they are, he doesn't want to be getting e-mails at home at all hours of the night (phone calls are ok since it appears he uses his phone more for personal use than for work, but that's another story).

So after putting up with this he goes away with his new toy. He calls me twice during the working afternoon to ask how certain things work.

Then after I've clocked off (and he knows I have) he calls me a further 3 times to 'find out how it works'. How he did not detect the anger and sheer loathing in my voice I don't know.

It amuses me no end that his privacy outside of working hours is completely sacred, yet my personal time does not garner the same respect.

I don't mind being contacted at home if there a business relevance to it, but 3 times within an hour to ask me questions that are quiet clearly covered in the user manual is taking the piss.

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