Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carphonewarehouse service

This is not about my broadband for a change, this is about my phone.

2 Months ago my wife and I took the opportunity to upgrade our mobile phones on our soon to be ending CPW contracts.

We both took the rather nice looking Nokia 6500 Classic handsets on 18 months contracts.

About a week ago, after charging my phone overnight, my wife discovered that the phone was dead.

I swapped the phones over, hers would not charge either. OK, the charger is bust, not a problem we have the one from the other phone.

But the new charger won't charge my dead phone either, but will charge hers. Odd!

I take her battery and put it in my phone and it works. Great! The charger and battery for my phone are both dead! I starting looking for a replacement battery online - not bad £20. But I start thinking, this phone is 2 months old. It's under warranty I'll take it back.

I finally get a chance, I speak to the guy and I get a bad vibe from the start, he "needs to speak to the manager?" - so after waiting nearly 20 mins I'm told they won't replace the charger or the battery, but the are prepared to send it to the repair centre to get it fixed!? How long will it take? 2 weeks!

Fixed? The phone is not broken, the charger and battery are... So it's going to take them 2 weeks to replace the battery and charger and send it back to me? You must be kidding... Alas they are not.

Ok, f*ck that for customer service, give me a new battery? How much? "Oh, sorry we don't have any in stock"

Now why didn't I see that coming.

Considering I'm giving them over £70 a month for these 2 phones for the next 18 months, you think they could provide some customer service for what was clearly a faulty supplied unit.

Charles Dunston manages to annoy me once again. Well done - TWAT!

I'm off to speak to Nokia directly now, I have little doubt they will tell me to go back to CPW for my Warranty repair.

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