Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BBC iPlayer sucks...

Last night I registered with the BBC for the iPlayer. I had tried once before but the installer kept failing (2 machines) so I gave up.

After registering I waited patiently for the e-mail. Eventually I went to bed. I checked my mail in the morning - still nothing... great start!

I eventually get the e-mail and click the link to sign-in and download.

1st problem - IE only - no Firefox, so I copy the paste the link into IE and start again, only to be told I can't continue as I'm logged in elsewhere. I close firefox and try again - still the same error. I close Firefox and IE and start again. Ah some luck.

Now to download the installer... less luck here. 1st try with 3rd party download manager fails. I try again using IE - I get prompted for a user name and password - enter it again. IE download security tool bar kicks in, click download. nothing happens. try again , get asked for password. tool bar pop-up again. still no luck.

then I add bbc link to trusted sites, download proceeds and I run the installer. All looks good.

I select a program and try to download it. It says the players not detected, refresh browser. OK that's better. It gets added to the software for download there's some progress. about 201 Megs for a 30 mins show.

I come back after it finished and try and play it and it says I can't becuase I don't have the necessary DRM. looking on the site FAQ it appears this is a know problem. The solution is to download the ENTIRE 200+ Megs again.

I don't think so.

bye BBC iplayer. Un installed.

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Dankoozy said...

Why cant the bbc just post the torrents on their website? would that be too easy?

They don't have to waste 72 million developing it and they don't have to force evil DRM down everyone's throats.