Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Talktalk phone service broken now...

Now that I'm not using their broadband service anymore, Talktalk have decided to mess with my phone service instead! Tonight I get no dial tone.

Try to find a number to call to report the fault is less than simple on their website.

I call to hear a recorded message informing me there is a problem on their networking in the 'south east'. Thank God it's a small limited area!!! LOL. '...this is currently affecting telephone services, incoming and outgoing calls and broadband services for some customers'.

Fantastic! Keep up the good work Charles & co. Remember the 'revolution' is about the ideal don't worry about the little people.

I'm sure they'll understand one day when they've finally managed to get out of your service contracts and run a mile from any CPW services. What will you do when I take my £100+ a month and give it someone else?

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