Thursday, April 12, 2007

Karma is killing me!

Karma is after me or I'm just bloody unlucky, I don't know.

After all my Talktalk woes and no phone last night...

I've now got a 2 week old wireless WUSB54GC Linksys USB wireless adapter that just won't give me a stable connection. After tons of trouble shooting I've given up and looking at the Linksys support site this unit is defective by design, see here

Then I get home and the green button stops working on my Sky remote, I change the batteries, try the remote from upstairs, all other buttons work, reset the sky box (twice) and finally give up and call sky. they talk me through another reset (I explain I've already done this, but I humor her) and guess what - 3rd time's a charm, it work???!!! WTF...

I'm going to bed before anything else can happen.

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