Sunday, March 04, 2007

Talktalk disconnects continue

Since Friday (3 days ago now) I've been disconnected from my service at least 40 times while using it.

This evening I got fed-up and called to complain.

1st call - woman insisted that my wireless setup that has been working flawlessly for months is the cause - I eventually asked to be put through to cancellations and she hung up on me. How refreshing that some 1st line CSA from India if technically more competent than me, with 10 years of IT experience and being a senior systems administrator for £500 million turnover company.

2nd call - asked to be put through to cancellations, got put through to the message greeting informing me that department is now closed. Nice one!

3rd call - I must change my modem cable and micro filter and call back after going through everything else. Reset, power off. turn off wireless. It was also suggested I check my machine for virus' and informed that MSN, yahoo and online games are great source of virus' that cause ADSL modems to disconnect randomly!!! HA HA

Now notice at no point has anyone actually asked to check the modem connections settings (VC, PPoA etc etc).

4th Call - my callback to say I've changed micro filter, bla bla. Can we now raise it with tech support? Initially - No! More checks. reset the modem completely. At which time I offer to run through the connection settings. He also says he can see no problem and I'm currently connected. No shit Sherlock, read the fucking notes. It's the disconnected that are a problem. Can I give him a specific time, yes - 10 minutes ago.

Ok off to 2nd line support, they will call me - Yeah right?

Oh but they close in 30 minutes so it won't be tonight. Ok, when - tomorrow, after 18:30 when I get home from work. What number? My home number is fine. Can I provide an alternative number? No, land line is fine. Proceed to argue that I'm NOT giving them my mobile. Use the fucking land line, if it's a problem fix it it's a Talktalk number after all.

Each time my line drops I'm sending a mail to support and Mr. C Dunstone. So far 4 this weekend, no reply from support yet.

How refreshing after so many calls to find out why their BACK END service is so shit that their front end service insists on placing the blame for the problems squarely at the feet of the customer and refuse to entertain the notion that their may be a problem with their service.


Anonymous said...

i am having similar issues at the moment, have you noticed a change in dial tone recently. its changed for me i am wondering if extra noise on the line is causing disconnects, the dial tone has gone double speed thats the bestway i can describe it. hope your problem(and mine) gets solved!

Anonymous said...

sorry just realised how old your blog post was whoops! How did you solve your problem btw can you post in your comments? if u remember of course