Monday, March 19, 2007

Talktalk constant disconnects

Well, getting disconnected every 10 minutes or so this evening.

Thank God, only 4 more days to put up with this shit.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog thru a google search. I too am experiencing Daily disconnects on TalkTalk - it mostly happens in the evenings.

Sometimes i can go into my router and reconnect, but that's only occasionally.

What's happening? (I suspect Talktalk are up to no good)

I've got Trading Standards involved with TalkTalk too - i'm being charged for my "free" broadband. Dont bother calling the call centres now - they're rude and useless!

Insane Homer said...

thanks for the comment, I've now given up and am typing this while connected to my brand new cable connection from Virgin Media (NTL).

The difference is unbelievable and I have my 'free' talktalk broadband as backup if I even need it.