Friday, March 09, 2007

Talktalk billing

While rooting around on the Talktalk website I came across their cost comparison table.

It states their monthly charge is £8.99 - see here

Looking at my bill it's £9.99 for Talk 3 plan???

Ah but I'm on the "International" Plan that gives me free calls to all sorts of Nations, including Australia. But I find it odd that I've been charged for my calls to Australia.

Oh but, yes but, you don't get the discount automatically you have to dial prefix before the required destination number, how intuitively useful!

Acceptable, had I known this was the case when I downgraded (tee hee) to 'free' Talktalk broadband and was put on the Talk3 International plan and NEVER received a welcome pack explaining HOW this discount Scheme works.

Why not have these international calls automatically use this 'international' facility directly seeing as I'm on this call 'plan'??? Another seedy attempt to rip customers. Where does it end?

Almost as annoying as the CPW mobile 1/2 price line rental adverts that turns out to be a very confusing, time consuming and a overly complicated way to claim back the discount!

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