Friday, March 02, 2007

Shitty TalkTalk at it again

For the last week my broadband internet connection 'service' has been diabolical.

Connection 'speed' seems to be OK, but the latency is terrible - especially in the evenings (when I use it the most).

But I now find myself getting disconnected on a daily (if not more frequent) basis. Requiring me to power cycle my router for a new connection.

This turns into a bit of a lottery as sometime the re-connect results in a poor and high latency connection. Other times it's as it should be.

Sent another e-mail to moneybags Dunstone and his support team,

message read "Your service is shit, that is all".

Since I know all too when actually complaining, e-mail or phoning support does nothing to rectify this shit service.

Before these 'global' call center script readers will entertain the fact that it's their service that is shit, they insist of asking for my modem details and getting me to switch it off/on numerous times and then install their software and modem to check the shit connection.

I'm really tired of doing that, my modem is fine and is not the issue. It's worked perfectly as it's supposed to since the day I installed it.

The only variable that changes is Talktalk broadband's (Opal) crap network.

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Anonymous said...

Lol i'm on Talk talk, and it's the exact same mate, it's diabolical.

I have 8mb and struggle to pull anything over 300kbps.

And on counterstrike the lag is terrible.