Friday, March 23, 2007

Ntl v Talktalk

ping time is the most impressive, 12 ms versus nearly a hundred. 10 times better. So far I've been very impressed, the slight loss in max download speed more than makes up for the latency, consistency and overall performance of the service. Web browsing IS visibly quickly.

Especially in the evening when TT traditionally slows down to a crawl, the NTL line still sings at the advertised speeds.

No bandwidth shaping at all, on TT visit to the apple movie trailers (quicktime) site required use of medium - when the line was 'fast' and was even unplayable on small - in the evenings. On NTL I can watch all of them on high without the slightest glitch!

Unfortunately my only problem is the broadband modem I bought was broken out the box, but that must just be my luck!!!

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