Friday, March 02, 2007

Hit Talktalk where it hurts (Mr. C Dunstone's wallet)

I came upon this idea while reading the following article

"Under the Communications Act 2003, all telecommunications companies are required to be members of an independent dispute resolution scheme (DRB), by joining up with either Otelo and Cisas.

Customers in dispute with their telecommunications provider can complain to the organisation of which their provider is a member without being charged.

Assuming the dispute is three months old and the company complaints procedure has been followed, the DRB gets involved and issues an invoice to the telecommunications company for the cost of the investigation - a set fee which is agreed by members each year. This fee is payable regardless of the validity of the complaint."

So for a fair number of long suffering Talktalk customers this is how you can hit Talktalk and Carphonewarehouse where it hurts - their bottom line!

Get complaining people.

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