Monday, March 05, 2007

Cancelling Talktalk

Today I tried to cancel my broadband and only broadband with Talktalk.

After 20 minutes of being put on hold I was told I need to call Options on a different number, they in turn transferred me to cancellations.

I was told because my phone and broadband are on the same account number I'd have to cancel both services and suffer a likely service interruption.

I can't just cancel broadband. Later speaking to Demon - this needs to be the case since Demon will only install on a BT provided line.

I was also told that the disconnection charge would be waived due to the number of problems I've had. I asked the CSA to count the number of times I'd called in the past year - nearly 50!

Now here is the interesting bit, I was informed that Talktalk/Opal were performance system upgrades over the weekend and this is probably why the connections were so erratic over the weekend. Now this is a plausible explanation but I have 2 problems with it. Talktalk are a bunch of liars and if this was the case why on earth didn't they inform the script reading monkeys that this was the case!!! It would have saved me a WHOLE lot of aggravation.

I asked for my mac code. I was told I didn't need one (??? Haven't they just changed the requirements for this?). All I had to do was sign-up to a new provider and they'd initiate the transfer for me, really I asked - I'm not so sure? Yes was the reply. Speaking to Demon a bit later this turned out, as I'd suspected, to be complete fiction, one of the only things Talktalk are good at.

It also turns out that Demon will not touch LLU (unbundled) lines. So my options started to narrow quickly!

I call BT, after 20 minutes on hold waiting to speak to someone I give-up.

Then I get to thinking I have cable in my area. I call NTL (now Virgin mobile) - they will do me a 4 MB connection (broadband) only over fiber/cable for £17 per month and a £25 setup fee, with an option to go 10MB for £27pm.

I signed on immediately - install date 23rd of March 2007.

So I get the best of both worlds and a redundant connection. 4MB cable and 8MB ADSL (free) as backup!


I have a home DR plan and 12MB service for £17 per month.

Update: This evening 1 day later without me making 1 single change to my setup my connection now seems to be working as intended and I've not been dropped once! How strangely odd that despite the fools best efforts to blame ME for the problems they have once again mysteriously fixed themselves!!!

Oh and at 20:30 I'm still waiting for my 2nd line support call I was promised yesterday... go figure, what were the odds?

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