Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sky+ Remote Codes and Sony DAVS-300 Amp

My old sky remote gave up the ghost this week, so I went and bought a new one. But being a bit of an idiot I forgot to retrieve the remote code before removing the batteries.

Luckily I'd kept the instructions on how to program it, they can be found here.

Now it's all a bit confusing, the remote I bought is a Revision 6, the old one a revision 4 and the one for the bedroom a revision 5!

With code 1186 I was able to switch the DAVS300 on and off - a good start, but then when pressing the Sky button the volume control failed to work (it had worked on the rev.4 RCU, but I can't remember if I did this trick to fix that?).

Then I found this little trick here

...and here is the trick, hold down [b]Select and 1[/b] until the RCU blinks twice. Now the Volume and Mute operate the AV amp in 'Sky' mode!


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