Friday, August 04, 2006

Talktalk broadband

Service is back again, no explanation. Still impossible to get through and speak to someone.

I wonder how quickly I'd get a call if I cancelled the direct debit payment this month?

Update on The Register
A spokeswoman for TalkTalk said:" We regrettably confirm that there was a fault on the network yesterday evening affecting a small number of people for a limited time period. The problem is now resolved and full access restored."

I think that she mean't to say was "We refuse to inform our customers..."

Limited Period of time, wtf does that mean? 1 million years is a limited period of time. Just like a small number - give it up... 10,20,100,1000, 10000 or was it just me?

Now I'd like to paraphrase Katherine Tate: "What a fucking load of old Bollocks!"

Well, maybe I'll try Sky's free service - could it be any worse?


Anonymous said...

I am disgusted with the level of service from talktalk - you cant get through - then when you do they say call back later and cut you off - Ive tried every number possible
I do not expect to go down for over 12 hours ever - and do not want to be told go on the web and see what the problem is and I dont want to pay for a call when the fault is theirs
the leaset they can do is leave a message on the ansaphone - southern electric can do that surely a phone company can too

Daz said...

I thought it I'd missed a payment and been cut off. The router gave the green tick but my account login simply failed.

First problem I had was even finding a support telephone number. The one sales number that I did find did seem to know about the broadband problem.

When I did eventually get the right support number there was a voice message notifying of broadband outages. There was no mention of which areas were impacted.

fido said...

You would get a call very fast via a collections agency or the billing dept. which I think is based in South Africa.

Alas no point hoping they would deal with your complaint as yet again it would be a case of nothing to do with us guv, now us the money.