Saturday, August 12, 2006

TalkTalk broadband advertising

Something does not add up.

Tonight I saw the new TT broadband advert on prime time TV , it's now 'free' not 'free forever' (they can't say 'free forever' anymore).

Anyway, TT are telling us unfortunate customers that their customer service and service is general is shit due to the overwhelming response they had to their 'free' offer. They did not forsee the interest it would generate.

If this is the case and their service is still crap, their network is still overwhelmed and their phones are still jammed, why are they advertising to try and bait more unsuspecting customers?

Their tactic is apparent
The sign-up process is via an online form, they hook people into the system and then make it impossible for those people to bail out. If the sign-ups were done over the phone, those people would never get through, so they have no idea of the mess they are about to sign up to. The online sign-up is smooth as silk.

Now we also know that people have signed and been waiting months and months to be connected. This again is a clear indication of their intent to trap people by gettting then stuck in the sign-up process - knowing full well they make it close to unbearable to try and cancel. For most people it's too late. If they've not cleared the backlog why are they advertising? Becuase they have every intention of trapping people in the sign-up process. Flushing the toilet over and over again does not clear the blockage -> You end up with shit all over the bathroom floor.


The only thing that matter is Charles' next blog entry boasting that they've 'signed up' (hooked) another 15,000 unsuspecting fish, with only a brief mention that they are dealing with the phone 'waiting times'.

What TT always seem to neglect is the mention that the phone calls are all from unhappy customers ( I use the term 'customer' losely since there more than a few people out there not getting any service and either can't cancel or are being billed incorrectly) trying to find out why they are...

being billed when not getting a service
have not been connected despite signing up months ago
being billed incorrect
have connection issues

or I could be wrong and our troubles are over... I won't hold my breath for that one.

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