Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NPower dropped as Gas and Electricity Supplier

I've been fed up with this company and it's constant over-estimated bills for some time now. They seem never send anyone around to actually take a meter reading anymore. Each time I have to take my own reading, submit it, wait for a revised bill, bin the red letter demand for the old bill and pay the account. This was supposed to happen Quaterly.

It was last month. Now less than 1 month after paying the electricity account I get another estimated bill for another £90 after just paying £150. They have estimated that I've used £90 of electricity in 1 month! I would've understood if they had an accurate meter reading to base the bill on.

I phoned them so find out why I got another bill so soon. Their excuse is that they have increased the billing frequency to 'improve customer service'- Really? How does that benefit me, it surely benefits them, not me.

It amuses me how these companies always offer incentives to pay by Direct Debit - not on your life, never on a bogus over estimated bill. I've never got a bill that was close or under my reading, ALWAYS over! How do you get your money back when they constantly rip you like this? Amazing!

So I did what I've been wanting to do for ages, I logged onto and changed supplier. I have little confidence that this new company will fair any better, despite uswitch ranking them as the cheapest and having the best customer service. I hope they prove me wrong, if not it will be back to uswitch soon. It's so easy and painless to change I have few qualms about constantly changing when the prices increase or the service is shoddy.

Now if only I could do the same for the Government, Council and Water suppliers.

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