Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Job Satisfaction

Well it's been a slow few weeks, not much on the go. However this week has been a real winner for me. The highlights so far are...

- Change a toner cartridge on a Canon copier/printer.
* Turn on the TV in my CEO's office.
- Office 2003 re-installation.
- Order backup tapes for Geneva office.
- Configure a Blackberry.
- Install Visual Source Safe 2005.
* Clean-up the wiring in a boardroom
* Get rid of a old broken hi-fi
- password reset
* send out an e-mail berating blackberry users like children for not returning cables/chargers.

Job satisfaction 0%
Good use of my skill set 10%
Taking the piss (see bold entries) 110% - some things never change

Time to move on 80%

update: this just keeps getting better...

* show someone how to use photocopier, resize A4 to A3. OMG - little pretty pictures on the display screen with instructions are too confusing !!!! FFS

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