Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Floyd Landis: Excuses, excuses

Floyd Landis is doing himself no favours, the excuses are flying thick and fast. The blame game has begun and we've seen it too many times before.

I believe Okum's Razor applies. The simplest explanation is the most likely scenario.

He blew out, as favourite, in yellow, possibly his only chance with hip surgery coming soon after the race. He took a gamble: He took a syringe, stuck it in his arm and hoped! But he got caught out.

His 8 minute comeback now makes a bit more sense. I've been the tired athlete, I know what it's like when you bonk - it's rare that you wake up the next day feeling great and go out and perform out of your skin, even more so when you claimed to have drunk beer and whisky that night? You can't, your body is knackered and trying to recover, there nothing left in the tank. You don't just wake up and feel great after a blowout like that.

The silly, stupid, ever changing excuses are the desperate clutchings of a falling man. It reminds of the Hansie Cronje affair.

Faced with the inevitable truth it is surely better to put up your hand, keep the little dignity you have left and say 'I did it!'.

The real issue here for me is not that he cheated. Its more to do with the fact that on that day he was offered and made the decision to dope - it was too easy to do.

The ease at which the syringe was made available to him is worrying. It must have been someone he trusted, close within the team? Putting it on the table, saying there it is if you need it, knowing it's affect.

This to me is indicative of doping in cycling. It's there and as real as ever.

Gatlin is in the same boat. The tests are not wrong.

What's wrong is these guys shifting the blame and pointing the finger elsewhere. You don't fool me, you cheated, you got caught. Own up and live it. It's the risk you were willing to take when you doped, he a man and take your REAL medicine.

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