Friday, August 11, 2006

Electricity Costs

I really don't understand how my electricity bill has become so expensive!

I've now bought a wall plug meter to determine my appliance comsumption (£30)

From my last bill I've calculated we are using £1.50 of electricity a day! £45 a month. That's for summer without the lights on from 15:00 to 06:00 daily! A look through my accounts shows I've paid nearly £1000 in the past year!

Now I understand that electricity prices have gone up a few times in the recent past. I also understand that my wife is at home all day with 2 children to look after so there are a few items that get used often.

The main usages I see are.
Hot water immersion tank for hot water (not on a gas central heating system). I think this is the problem since the timer does not seem to switch the thing off. I'm sure it's running 24hrs a day!
Television on 8+ hrs a day (TV, sky box, surround sound all on I guess).
Computer 5+ hrs a day.
Microwave for heating and sterilising baby bottles.
Oven - cooking my dinner
Kettle - 1 cup for me in the morning - the rest for the strilisation of water for baby formula.
Lights - 17:00 to 23:00 in summer, 06:00 to 09:00 and 15:00 onwards in winter. We aready use low Watt Philips enery saver bulbs in the lounge and both bedrooms.
Fans - during the 2 weeks of swealtering heat we had 3 eletric fans running pretty much all.

Our Hob and heating are via gas.

Over the next week I'm going to test and see which of these is the culprit and do something about it (I hope it's the hot water and not the TV). I understand the TV will be a large contribution but not £1.50 a day, that more expensive that Sky!!!

It might also be an interesting exercise to try and estimate what I think I'm using as compared to the electric meter reading and hence my charged bill.

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