Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm rather excited! I've been running out of disk space on my 160HB Maxtor IDE HDD on my home PC. It's been getting rather full of DVD backups and RAW images from my Canon 350D.

Today I saw a 250GB SATA 300 16MB cache in for £60 (incl of vat and del), so I've decided to upgrade. I should get a nice little performance boost.

I also need it to do the the full install of global scenery from X-plane which weighs in at 60GB, so far I've been limited to US, Europe and Africa.

It now gives me a number of options. I can uninstall WINXP (yay!) and replace it with Media Center and have enough space for a Vista dual boot later (post Vista SP1 some time in 2008? tee hee).

I'm also going to flatten the old HDD and install Fedora Core 5 and try Ubuntu again.

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