Thursday, July 13, 2006

Carphone doing it again!

My 2 mobile contracts with 02 via carphonewarehouse are up for renewal in 2 months time. I got a call 2 days ago from a sales guy offering me 2 free handset upgrades now if I sign up for another 18 months - with double minutes and text for the next 6 months, which I hardly ever use anyway.

So I did it. My wife gets the 8233 and I got the V3i. They arrived yesterday.

After getting everything transfered over I tried to browse the web on it, but could not connect. I called them and sent down a config file which I installed but still got no connection. So I walked round the corner to my local carphone shop, they would not help me and told me to call the CSRs again. I did, got through to India this time, the guy had no idea and passed me to their 'technical' department. I explained everything - the guy took a look at my account and discovered that WEP was not enabled!

How did it get disabled? During the extension of my contract... wtf? I got him to check the wife's account and same thing. Nothing should have changed at all!? It amazes me how they manage to break things with minimal effort.

Anyway, he enabled the service again, but it would take 24 hrs and you have to remove the battery and sim card and then put the phone back together to get this service back.

Even more annoying is on their site they offer the same upgrade handset with 12 months 1/2 price line rental. I must be a fcking idiot for doing this deal. I now get to give them £60 a month for the next 18 months. Daylight robbery!

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