Wednesday, June 28, 2006

talktalk online account has disappeared

Wow, what a shocker - yet another issue with TalkTalk Service.

I've been using their "my account" service for months to track my home phone, 2 mobiles and broadband bills, I've not used it in a month or 2 since I've been on holiday.

Today I try to sign in from work, I can't it says the e-mail account I use to connect (the one stored in Firefox for quick login, that has worked 100 times in the past) now does not exist. Try the password change option, that too says my account does not exist - wonderful!

I try to use the online contact link, but I can't submit a query without my account details. I can't provide my account details BECAUSE I can't login into my account - nice circular logic there my TT friends!!! Brilliant!!!

8 mins on support call before an answer @ 10p min, got through to india desk.

He tried these...

"the password is incorrect" - nope tried a password change, e-mail address does not exist.

"might be a problem with their servers, going to talk to supervisor" - easy way of saying phone back in 3 days when it's still not working so we can make another £2/3 pounds by keeping you on hold.

He was able to request a password reset via his browser, I got the e-mail, chose a new password - followed the link to login, entered my details "e-mail address not found"

I've tried both IE and firefox - same result. Check the Firewall logs - no access problems there either...?

After doing the password change from the e-mail it says "You can now continue to the homepage of or the MyAccount homepage where you can login with your new password and administer your account"

Now, I can login perfectly with the 1st link, but cannot do the same from the 2nd link - but from this it appears they are different front ends for the same backend servers? WTF?

WTF is going on, I'll have to try from home tonight.

call length 15 mins in total - on hold for 5 mins and it took 8 mins to get through.

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