Friday, June 16, 2006

Back from Hols, woes continue

3 weeks away, still no welcome pack.

DNS does not work properly via talktalk servers, given up using theirs now.

Checked my phone bill, Talk3 is supposed to be free calls to Australia, however my bill shows charges for these calls after I went live with the new talk plan and "free" broadband bundle. Since I've still not received my welcome pack - I have no idea if their is something I'm supposed to do 1st to enable the free calling?

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Anonymous said...

Only 3 weeks you've been waiting, try 3 months. Have since found out they had the wrong address. None of the features I had were taken over by Talk Talk who have since promised to redress the situation. Been trying to get through to customer service for over 2 hours and subsequently spent another hour trying to cancel the contract. They make promises to make you savings but neglect to say their charges are the same as BT for line rental. We only went with them as we thought we would have one bill instead of 2 bills (line providers and call providers). Cost equalled the same and had less hassle with 2 providers than I did with one.

Please note to all that access this if they cannot provide you with equal service as given by BT for less money they will give you a £1,000. Hmmm should I put my claim in now. Probably cost me more than that in calls, letters and time, so dont think I'll bother. But if you have a more tenacious manner than myself good luck!!!!