Monday, May 08, 2006

TalkTalk, out of the frying pan into the Fire

My wife tells me, my broadband connection is now completely dead.

My router has dropped it's wan address and cannot get it back from TalkTalk, the line itself is fine, phone is working fine, the router is fine and configured correctly.

This is the 3rd time now my connection has dropped since signing up for the 'free' broadband service on the 19th of April. On the 1st occasion it solved itself after 2 hrs and BT were blamed for the fault.

How thoroughly satisfactory that less the 24 hrs after 'solving' my P2P issues I now have a total loss of service.

I'm on hold calling their support and paying 10p a min for privilege (9 mins for a pickup) of listen to their new theme song, I really used to like this song, being partial to Tom Petty's version. I'm now sick to death of it and never want to hear it again.

Now informed that the number I've dialed is not tech support - but I got it from Charles blog (0871 2267146).

The lady also informs that the P2P blocking is not a blanket policy that my account must have been singled out as a high bandwidth user, although she cannot see that on the system. Maybe it was lifted off my account last night. But I'd like to know why it was flagged when the most usage I've done in a single month is 6 Gb down. I'd also like to know why in the last 10 days I've not been told this information by anyone else at TalkTalk. I do have a bit-torrent client installed and do use it occasionally to get software - 6 CD's worth of the Fedora core, but that's what a 40Gb monthly limit is supported to accomodate?

I'm now threatening to cancel now, informed there is a cancellation fee. I inform her that I refuse to pay since I'mn canceling within 30 days and I'm canceling due to breach of contract since they are unable to provide with a aservice. Now on hold for another 8 mins @ 10p min. I've been reliably informed that the support charge is being wavered and so is the 10p/min charge.

Informed that the £70 cancellation fee will not apply if I keep their landline and talk3 call plan @ £20.99, but will I be able to get another broadband supplier on a talktalk number? I see for bulldog you have to have their line for the cheaper package. Total call length 18 mins and now just more annoyed...

Trying the 50p a min number no answer...

Trying tech support now 09067112211 - dead tone immediately and can't get through at all. FANTASTIC!!!

footnote: now also discovered that within their online account management system their 'track your order' function only works with IE, it does not work with Firefox - no error it just does nothing. I guess they've not heard of cross platform testing yet.

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