Friday, May 12, 2006

TalkTalk line move from BT : Date set

I got a letter from BT today stating my line rental is being moved to 'another supplier' on the 17th May - just 5 days away. I've not had any notification from TalkTalk that this is happening.

3 Scenarios I can see.

1. Everything moves over smoothly and I don't notice a thing - I'm a bit sceptical here.
2. there are some sort of problems - lasting less than 2 hrs
3. I lose phone and internet services for a couple of days and pull my hair as I won't be able to get through on TalkTalk 1op/min rip off 'support' line.

Time will tell, I'm rather pessimistic after recent experiences about TalkTalk's chances of getting this right the 1st time, but I'm even more pessimistic about their ability to resolve any issues quickly without resorting to blaming BT.

Just checked my talktalk order online via their order tracking and there are no specific dates mentioned, now I'm getting a little worried!

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