Sunday, May 07, 2006

TalkTalk & gmail news and few suggestions

10:30pm and I've finally managed to get my 8 messages that I 'sent' @ 09:30am delivered. I Tested my VPN now @ 23:00 - the speed is good, have TalkTalk finally come around, or have I just waited up longer than the others for some bandwidth to free up.

I'm sure it's nothing to do with the message I sent to Charles Dunstone (CEO) this evening. I only sent it at 21:00ish - I doubt even he can get things sorted that quickly past 10pm on a Sunday night. Even if he did, it does not bode well when a week of costly hairpulling begging & pleading for this to be resolved result in nil, when 10 mins of moaning at the CEO sorts it out? I'm sure he's got better things to do that trying to keep customers like me happy, although he should be worried when I've had to resort to trying to contact him directly to get some service.

What he should do is get the key decision "P2P fair usage" policy makers together in a room and find out which of those idiots decided "block everything" was the best solution for their customers, and fire their asses.

Mr. Dunstone - here are a few suggestions...

How about not charging a fortune when customers try and report or resolve these 'technical issues' - I should get a refund for the calls waisted trying to get this resolved.

How about realising that not all traffic other than smtp, http/s and ftp are P2P traffic?

How about not pissing your existing paying customer off in favour of saving a few bucks while signing up the masses?

How about limiting this traffic to 10Kbps or 20Kbps so that it at least still works? You could save alot of bandwidth and most people won't know there's a problem because things won't break completely.

How about better explaining what exactly is allowed or blocked by the 'fair usage policy'?

How about letting people use this greatly advertised 40Gb per month limit? I'm a fairly heavy user and do use P2P apps to download software (Fedora Core 5 CDs) and upload tons of photo's to photobox. My wife is home all day and e-mail is aways running and I'm still only running 4-6Gb downloads per month and 3-4 upload. Why do feel I've been fingered as a sinner? What use 8Mb worth of speed and 40Gb of data when I get worse than dial-up speeds for VPN traffic?

The solution here is simple Mr.Dustone - don't paste everyone with the same tar brush. Rather police the individual abusers and deal with them accordingly - restrict their bandwidth during busy times, send them nasty warning letters, but don't piss your existing customer base off by assuming they are good for nothing P2P downloading criminals!

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