Monday, May 08, 2006

TalkTalk Connection up but no DNS, no support

I'm at home now, checked my connection - I have IP traffic - I'm using VPN right now to login to work and type this.

Unfortunately I'm not getting any DNS, so no names are resolving, so using the internet is useless too.

I'm now using my VPN connection to hit my work DNS server so I can resolve addresses! Thank God I do this type of support for a living.

Tried calling tech support - dead line again :(

Running Dan Ewell's Broadband speed test. It's showing the following results.

2-10% packet loss
no more than 1300 kbps line speed - supposed to be 2048kbps
Worse than expected ping responses to European servers

20:30pm - everthing appears to be back to normal, DNS working, good speed - hold thumbs!

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Anonymous said...

me and my friend opposite couldn't connect to talk talk last night either.