Friday, May 12, 2006

LOL: more TalkTalk Hidden Charges

Just got a £29.99 bill from TalkTalk for "Connection Fee" for LLU unbundling.

The funny thing is when I called to sign up, this wonderful new "hidden charge" was not mentioned - I would've remembered. So I was paying £17.99 a month. I now get hit for £29.99 this month "one off fee, to pay for the LLU engineer blah blah".

So lets say £29.99 + £6 + £3 to add the the £20.99 for my Talk3 plan.

That's £60 for my 1st month of 'free' broadband.

Why is this LLU unbundling charge not on my phone bill, LLU is for the physical phone line, not the broadband service?

Now this is the bit I can't understand I'm being charged from 10/05/2006 but according to BT this is only supposed to happen on the 17/05/2006. Completely contradicts what BT have said to me (see previous entry).

Customer service were their usual hepful selves "I should have been told, bla bla bla". Asked for his manager to call me back, like that's ever going to happen. But like most of my experiences with TalkTalk that seems to be the case.

When I 1st joined TalkTalk broadband (before it was free) I had similar 'truth' problems with their CSA. I was on 1MB - he confirmed on the phone they could supply me with 2MB. I went ahead based on that fact. When the golive data passed by speed was still 1MB, they blamed BT for not upgrading the line at the same time. However when they tried to upgrade they could not (the same story from other ISPs at the time that I could only get 1MB on my line). They could not do it, I could only get 1MB, if that was the case - I'd NEVER have moved. Funny how they made the sell... Now I get the same about a small matter of a £30 fee that has been convienently not been mentioned to ensure I sign-up.

As yet I recieved no documentation in the post from TalkTalk about my "free" service, detailing costs and or go live date. Neither does the website say anything helpful about this. CSA says I should look there it's on there, we'll I checked this morning and there were no date details - according to my bill it should be on there from 2 days ago!!! I've just checked now and the status is blank completely, no information at all.

Where's my free modem? I Can't wait to put it on e-bay, might at least cover my support call costs.


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