Monday, May 15, 2006

LLU Completed?

We received a recorded message on our home phone welcoming us to TalkTalk today. I guess I'm now unbundled.

I've just a run a few speed tests to check my line speed. I can definately say I'm not on 8MB. I was on 2MB but my current tests results were disappointing. Especially at 23:00 in the evening.

The 1st speed test failed.
The 2nd resulted in an avg download at just over 1MB.
The 3rd Test show speeds on 1.5MB.

The Suck continues, however to be fair I've had no problems now for 8 days. E-mail, VPN and Steam all appear to be working correctly.

I've downloaded about 900MB this week and upload 100MB.

I need to keep an eye on that to try and figure out what thresholds TT are apply. I'm sure it's not 40GB per month as advertised. If that were the case I would not have had any problems in the last few weeks.

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