Thursday, May 04, 2006

'free' TalkTalk Customer Service Rip off & Hidden costs

Charles Dunston's (CEO of Carphonewarehouse) blog stated this week that they were introducing a 10p a min customer support number to replace their 50p a min service. On the face of it, it sounds great. However...

Once you get connected they will charge £2 to your account for actually speaking to someone.

Last week I got taken for £6 calling the 50p to resolve a problem that 'solved itself' without any help from their techy - the best they could do was blame BT - something they won't be able to do after LLU.

Yesterday I tried the 10p line, I could not get thro' - too busy and got summarily cut off.

I tried again today, I got through "you are about to get put through to a technical..." and waited a further 9 mins @ 10p/min before hanging up. - let's say another £1 for nothing @ all!

I have a number for a Customer Liaison Exective, he asked me to call him directly, one problem - he never answers his phone and has not replied to my last 3 e-mails to him about the P2P blocking issues stated below that are affecting Steam, WOW and now VPN traffic.

So far this 'free' service has cost me £7 and counting and probably another £70 when I cancel it!?

Suggestions for good, unlimited 2Mb+ UK ISP's welcome.

I can get NTL maybe I should just get their cable broadband instead? I was with Telewest for 4 years without any problems and unfortunately had to drop them when we moved out to a non Telewest area, now that they've merged I might just be in luck.

I'd rather pay £20 per month than put up with this great 'free' broadband 'service'.

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