Saturday, April 29, 2006

TalkTalk ISP breaks Steam Content Delivery system (Valve's game content delivery system)

Steam is Valve's game content delivery system. You need it to play any of their games. It has to be connected to the internet.

My steam install went bad. I deleted the clientreg.blob file to force a re-download. That was 9 hrs ago... After 1/2 a dozen attempts the best I've managed to get is 28% before it all goes tits up.

Currently at 5%. I've asked for help on the forums but at the moment nothing useful to help. This really sucks, I have 3/4 games all bought and paid for that I now cannot play or access (HL2, CS:S, DOD and DOD:S). It's all fine and dandy when it works, but when it does not you're screwed and there's f*ck all you can do about it...

Forum Post Here

Update: found out that carphonewarehouse (TalkTalk) fair usage policy (P2P bandwidth shaping) is breaking STEAM and WOW

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