Friday, January 15, 2016

Cisco Meraki do it again

For the second time since we've installed Cisco Meraki kit we've suffered a major systems outage caused by idiotic and uncontrolled changes from Cisco.

This morning we find 4 of SSID have been randomly disabled.

According to Cisco support is this a know issue affecting 'everyone'.

The solution? Disable and then re-enable the SSID. Nope that didn't work.

As it turns out it's affecting SSIDs that have schedules enabled.

As before it appears another change has screwed up the time zones and despite our time zone being set correctly and showing the correct time the SSIDs still think they should be off.

So to properly 'fix' this issue, we have to disable this 'feature' as it clearly causes more problems that it solves.

Cloud controlled systems are a nightmare.

Change control no longer exists.

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