Sunday, January 19, 2014

I miss the unpopular Google+

I like Google, as a result I adopt early. I was on Google+ as soon as humanely possible. Immediately I loved it.

It's been great, like minded people, great photography and great content from smart people.

Over the last year there have been the period pieces showing us that Google+ is failing to reach the wider intended audience. For Google as a product I accept this is not idea, but for a Google+ user it's been near perfect but that is changing.

Slowly but surely the dregs of internet are joining up. At first it was the annoyance of people posting pictures that were off topic in shameless attempts at self promotion or just plain ignorance of etiquette.

But now comes the real threat, the assholes. The best way to describe these new Google+ users is to liken then to comments section of Youtube.

Spamming pointless comments, SHOUTING! nonsense, off topic comments and just today... Publishing of private email correspondence in public forums and worst of all, the racists and bigots.

For so long there's been no need to police my Google+ feed. Now it seems that it's becoming an increasing necessity and a daily chore to report and block the idiots.

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