Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Google Nexus 5 Nightmare!

Yesterday my new 16Gb Nexus 5 arrived from Google. Nearly 5 hours later I finally had it working.

First it required a 160Mb update to the Operating system. This went off without a hitch. A good start.

I logged in with my Google/Gmail account and it proceeded to restore my settings (My previous phone being a Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

As soon as the Wifi SSIDs from the backup are applied to the device all hells breaks loose. I noticed only because it disconnected me from my 5Ghz connection and then attempted to connect to my 2.4Ghz SSID.

I presume some settings from the cloud backup also get pulled into the Play store.

After this point any attempt to download any apps from the Store was met with a 920 error.

If I turned Wifi off the apps would download fine via my Vodafone 3G connection. But I was in no mood to burn all of my data allowance.

A few Google searches weren't very helpful. I cleared Play data and cache, rebooted and did a factory reset, all without success.

Eventually after exhausting all the of the above, I added my wife's Google account and removed mine. I was then able to downloads apps from the Play store over Wifi. I re-instated my account and removed hers and it continued to behave. Result!

But were are not quite done. More trouble ahead. At this point I start to configure her Nexus 5 too. Now I notice that on both devices the applications downloads from the Play store are very very slow. 5Mb application downloads taking more that 5 minutes to complete.

Browsing and all other internet connectivity over Wifi is fast as ever. I even switched between my 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz networks without success. Just the Play store downloads painfully slow.

A few Google searches weren't very helpful. I cleared Play data and cache, rebooted , all too without success.

I disconnect Wifi and connect to 3G and they start to download fast. This is starting to feel like a conspiracy between Google and the network carriers to cause outrageous data usage and charges. What was that do no evil thing they bleat on about? Oh well. back to the problem at hand.

More Googling, more less that helpful solutions that don't work, more frustration.

My phone eventually after a good 2 hours has nearly finished downloading all the apps I want to re-install. There are 3-5 left when I decide to open Google maps to download and cache greater London so it doesn't download over 3G when I'm out and about. (via the 'OK Maps' command).

As soon as it started downloading and caching I noticed the remaining apps all downloaded and installed very quickly!

I did the same on my wife's phone with the same result. The minute Google Maps starting cache/downloading the Play store downloads started to download at the expected speeds and finished in a matter of seconds rather than dozens of minutes.

A process that should have taken 30-45 minutes max took me 5 odd hours. A very frustrating evening. Thanks Google!

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Phill said...

You no longer need to use OK Maps to cache maps. Simply touch in the search box, wait for it to load the other search options such as 'explore nearby' and 'nearby from your history' then scroll to the bottom and there is a link 'Make this map area available off line' Simples!