Saturday, November 09, 2013

OK, now that the teething problems are gone... I love my Nexus 5

Yup, a few good days of use now and I'm impressed.

1. the screen is amazing.

2. It's very very fast and responsive.

3. It's light.

4. The gripy back, like that on the Nexus 7, is much more useful.

5. Camera - quiet a few reviews moaning about this - So far it seems fine and it a big improvement over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

6. Kitkat 4.4 - overall some nice new improvements.

7. Google Now - also some good improvements, just a pitty that the language has to be 'US English' for the 'OK Google' voice launch command to work.

8. Battery life - pretty poor, I thought it would be better than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which was not great, but it seems slightly worse. The screen kills the battery in a  couple of hours.

9. No Google Wallet /NFC payments for UK customers yet.

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